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What is FLC 3.0?

Critical appraisal is the process of carefully and systematically examining research evidence to judge its reliability and relevance.

In order to facilitate critical appraisal and synthesis of scientific evidence in a Health Technology Assessment context, Osteba has developed FLC 3.0 web application.

What is FLC 3.0 application for?

FLC 3.0 application allows analyzing the quality and reliability of scientific studies.

What are Critical Reading Sheets (FLCs)?

The quality of scientific studies is understood as the confidence in their results based on a proper quality and development process. Poorly developed scientific studies seriously compromise the credibility of the scientific evidence. For this reason, critical appraisal of clinical research is essential making informed health decisions.

Critical appraisal process involves not only the assessment of the most important methodological aspects, but also requires a thorough analysis of the validity of a study. FLC 3.0 allows classifying studies depending on its quality.