About FLC 2.0

About FLC

Critical appraisal tools (FLC 2.0) have been developed by Basque Office for Health Technology Assessment, Ministry of Health from de Basque Government.

Osteba’s purpose is to promote the appropriate use of Healthcare Technologies in terms of safety, efficacy, accessibility and fairness, thereby providing the necessary information for making decisions. Efforts have therefore been made to optimize the working methods, both for bibliographical searches and the critical appraisal of the various designs of research projects for economic evaluation, identification and evaluation of emerging and obsolete technologies, as well as for recommending and preparing Clinical Practice Guidelines.

FLC 2.0 is a web application designed to support the development of systematic reviews of the scientific evidence providing tools for quality assessment of scientific studies and evidence synthesis.

Citing FLC 2.0

Please use the following reference when citing FLC 2.0:

López de Argumedo M, Reviriego E, Andrío E, Rico R, Sobradillo N, Hurtado de Saracho I. Revisión externa y validación de instrumentos metodológicos para la Lectura Crítica y la síntesis de la evidencia científica. Madrid: Plan Nacional para el SNS del MSC. Servicio de Evaluación de Tecnologías Sanitarias del País Vasco (Osteba); 2006. Informes de Evaluación de Tecnologías Sanitarias: OSTEBA Nº 2006/02.

FLC 2.0 Translations

Critical appraisal tools (FLC 2.0) are available in English and Spanish, and currently they are being translated into German by Deutsches Institut für Medizinische Dokumentation und Information DIMDI) and is scheduled to be translated into French from the University of Laval in Quebec.

List of translations

List of translations in progress


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